Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an American revolutionary, entrepreneur, business magnate and an inventor most notably known as the CEO and co-founder of Apple. We’ve all heard of his rivalry with Bill Gates, and how they tried to beat each other year by year when it comes to products. In some way, we’re all glad for that, as it’s the way for the technology to advance. However, Steve Jobs was suffering from pancreatic cancer for years and unfortunately died in 2011, leaving Tim Cook in place of leading Apple.

Steve Jobs Details
Known As Steve Jobs
Full Name Steven Paul Jobs
Nick Name Steve
Profession Entrepreneur, Industrial Designer, Business Magnate, Inventor, CEO
Net Worth 2011 – $10.2 Billion
Height 6′ 2″
Weight 72 kilograms
Build Average/Slim
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Grey
Personal Details
Date of Birth February 24, 1955
Age 56 (Died in 2011)
Birth Place San Francisco, California, USA
Sun Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Religion Buddhism
Marital Status Married at the Time
Hometown San Francisco
School Monta Loma Elementary School, Homestead High School, Cupertino Junior High School
College Reed College
Educational Qualification College (Dropout)
Best Friends Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Tim Cook, Larry Ellison
  1. Chrisann Brennan (1972–1977)
  2. Laurene Powell
Website No Official website
Social Media Profiles Steve Jobs had no Social Media
Debut Co-founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak
Famous For CEO of Apple and Pixar
Salary He received 1$ a year since 1998, a symbolic amount
Father Paul Jobs (adoptive father), Abdulfattah Jandali (biological father)
Mother Clara Hagopian (adoptive mother), Joanne Carole Schieble (biological mother)
Siblings Mona Simpson (biological sister), Patricia Ann Jobs (stepsister)
Wife/Spouse Laurene Powell (m. 1991–2011)
Children Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Erin Siena Jobs, Reed Jobs, Eve Jobs
Other Details
Hobbies Music, Playing the Guitar, Traveling, Calligraphy
Brand Endorsements His own brand – Apple, and was a major shareholder in Pixar Production company
Likes and Dislikes
  • Bob Dylan and The Beatles
  • Shopping for a perfect design
  • Meditating, seeking spiritual enlightenment
  • Liked the city of Paris
Distinctive Features
  • Glasses
  • Grey hair
  • Black turtleneck blouse
Cars Silver Mercedes SL55 AMG, Nash Metropolitan, Fiat 850 coupe
Aeroplane Private Jet (He used to take his children on a graduation trip with it)

Steve Jobs’s biological family was troubled, and his mother had to give him up for adoption, as her father forbade her to marry a Syrian man. Abortion was illegal and being a single mother was not an option at the time. His adoptive parents couldn’t have children after a troubled pregnancy, thus ended up adopting Steve Jobs and his sister, Patricia, and moved to Mountain View, California. It was there that Paul (his adoptive father) built a workbench for Steve, to pass him his love of mechanics, and even though he wasn’t interested in mechanics, he loved spending time with his dad.

But he was interested in electronics and became friends with many engineers in the neighborhood. He did not fit in school well, and after getting bullied, his family used their savings to move to Los Altos, California. It was exactly that garage that Steve Jobs started Apple Computer in, and since 2013 it was added to a list of historic Los Altos sites. That’s exactly when he first tried marijuana, something he later in life kept using and enjoying, and that was a controversial topic after his death. He met Steve Wozniak during that time and was best friends with him and his girlfriend.

Steve Jobs MacBook Air 2008
Steve Jobs holding a MacBook Air in 2008

After studying at Stanford University and Reed College in Portland, Oregon, a problem arose. The education was expensive, and Steve’s parents were spending much of their life savings on him. Steve Jobs decided he’ll drop out as to not waste his parents’ money, and attended a calligraphy course during that time, a passion he had until his death. He lived at friends’ dorm room floors, returned Coke bottles for food money and got free meals nearby. The calligraphy course inspired fonts on a later Mac computer, which is important to notice. In 1972 and 1973 Jobs and Wozniak started to work together, and after Wozniak designed his own version of the “Pong” video game, he gave it to Jobs.

Steve Jobs used the opportunity to show it to Atari, and in return was hired as a technician. After he came back from a trip to India where he sought spiritual enlightenment, Apple was born. It was 1976 and Wozniak invented the Apple I computer, and by Jobs’ suggestion, they tried to sell it. Of course, no one believed them, and the only one that wanted to invest was Mike Markkula, an engineer that worked in Intel. One year later, in 1977, they introduced Apple II computer – the first consumer product they sold, and also mass-produced microcomputer. Wozniak was the behind the design, Jobs developed the unusual case, and the history was made right there.

There were a lot of events happening after that, but the most notable is Steve Jobs’ development of NeXT Computer, at the time priced at $9,999. It was exactly that computer that had an Ethernet port, and World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN on exactly that model. Also, in 1986 Jobs funded the split of The Graphics Group from Lucasfilm’s graphics division. The price was $10 million, and half of that went to the company, which is known today as Pixar. Steve Jobs was the main shareholder and on the board of directors with around 7% of the shares, but never interfered with creative decisions of the artists. It was all going well until Steve Jobs, unfortunately, lost the fight with pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011, at his house in Palo Alto, California.

Steve Jobs Facts

  • He went on a trip to India to seek spiritual enlightenment and wanted to become a Buddhist monk.
  • Steve Jobs’ wedding ceremony with Laurene Powell was lead by a Buddhist monk Kobun Chino Otogawa, following his religious beliefs.
  • He was not a strict vegetarian but loved eating fish, carrots, fruits, vegetables, and grains. It was said that during one visit of an organic farm to collect fruits it struck him to call his company “Apple”.
  • Steve enjoyed a simple dress code – a black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers. It started when he was still beginning his Apple journey, as he liked having a sort of a uniform, but without wasting his time on deciding what he’ll wear every day.
  • Steve Jobs believed in strict rules and principles and wanted to research excitement behind opening a new box full of products. He even had a special team to study emotions of people in order to make his designs as best as possible.