PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg is possibly one of the best things the Internet has brought to viewers. He started recording his gaming sessions while the service giant we know and use today, YouTube, was still very young and in development. At the time, there were almost no people prominent in the gaming category, which makes PewDiePie all the more important and a trendsetter. As you know, recordings of games with commentary and streaming are everywhere nowadays. But starting early certainly marked him among the crowd, and he gained around 61.5 million subscribers at the moment.

PewDiePie Details
Known As PewDiePie
Full Name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Nick Name PewDiePie, Pewds, PooDiePie, Poods, PewDie
Profession YouTuber, Video Producer, Web-based Comedian
Net Worth 2017 – $20 Million
Height 5′ 9″
Weight 75 kilograms
Build Average/Skinny
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dyed Blonde
Personal Details
Date of Birth October 24, 1989
Birth Place Gothenburg, Västergötland and Bohuslän, Sweden
Sun Sign Scorpio
Nationality Swedish
Religion Agnostic Atheist
Marital Status Not Married
Hometown Gothenburg
36075 Montecchio M. (VI)
PO box n°357
School Göteborgs Högre Samskola
College Chalmers University of Technology
Educational Qualification University (Dropout)
Best Friends JackSepticEye, Markiplier
  1. Marzia Bisognin (2011-Present)
Social Media Profiles TwitterFacebookGoogle+Youtube, Instagram
Debut Started Posting Videos in 2010
Famous For Streams of games, entertaining try not to laugh videos and many more, Let’s Play series
Salary He got paid around $12,000,000 in 2017
Father Ulf Christian Kjellberg
Mother Lotta Kristine Johanna
Siblings Fanny Kjellberg
Wife/Spouse Never Been Married
Children None
Other Details
Hobbies Photoshop Editing, Graphic Design, Anime and Manga,
Brand Endorsements Different Charities, Disney, Legendary Pictures, Mountain Dew, Dying Light game
Likes and Dislikes
  • Music Band: Radiohead
  • Music Album: In Rainbows
  • Dogs: Edgar and Maya
Distinctive Features
  • High Forehead
  • Prominent Nose
  • Bleached hair
  • Full-grown beard
Cars Porsche 911

PewDiePie’s career, if it can be called that, started in 2010. He originally signed up for YouTube under a name ‘PewDie’, and as you can guess, Pew stands for a shot from a laser, while Die is pretty self-explanatory. However, he forgot the password and was forced to make a new account, adding Pie for his love of pies, and the legend was born. He actually attended college at the time, however, he felt he should focus on YouTube. That led to PewDiePie doing various jobs to survive, and selling hot dogs is just one of those.

His parents weren’t very excited, of course, and cut off his financial support, and PewDiePie was left to fend for himself, citing that making videos helped him overcome his current situation. It paid off very fast for Pewds, as his channel reached 60 thousand subscribers at the end of 2011. The next year it climbed to a million, and it was the number one channel on YouTube deemed by OpenSlate’s rank.

PewDiePie Gaming Session
PewDiePie during one of his YouTube gaming sessions

In 2014 some financial speculations arose by The Wall Street Journal, as they reported PewDiePie earned around $4 million in 2013, and it was confirmed by Pewds himself. People were a bit angry at him for making that much money just from filming gaming sessions and ranting, but that’s what you get for being the first in a niche, and a revolutionary. Next years marked even bigger success, particularly 2015 and 2016. In 2015 he was deemed the richest YouTube star by Forbes magazine with a $12 million salary.

However, Felix said he doesn’t care about money that much, and has proven time and time again he has a good heart, raising money for different campaigns like Save The Children and Charity: Water. In both of those, he managed to raise around $500.000 for those in need. PewDiePie also released a book with self-help parody in mind, called This Book Loves You. It’s a collection of jokes, images, and wisdom to go through life. It just shows how talented he is, and allowed him to express his view on life, put a smile on our face and entertain us in a plethora of ways.–Zc

PewDiePie shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, even though he promised to delete his YouTube Channel when he reaches 50 million subscribers. However, he later explained it was a joke blown out of proportions, but to keep his word, proceeded to delete his alternate account called JackSepticEye2, which made us laugh. There were also a lot of other controversies linked to PewDiePie. He paid $5 over the Fiverr service to two men, in order for them to hold a sign saying “Death to all Jews”. He later said he didn’t think they’d actually do it, but the damage was done – Disney broke a contract with him.

Even though there were others slip-ups, PewDiePie channel is still on the rise, and more popular than ever. Today he’s already near 62 million subscribers on YouTube and is not only selling his own merchandise but paired up with his girlfriend, Marzia. As you can see above, they decided to launch a brand of unisex clothes, which means it’s a perfect choice for couples that want to dress in similar fashion.

PewDiePie Facts

  • He released a video game for Android and iOS in 2015 called PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist.
  • The next year, another phenomenon showed up on Google Play and iTunes app store – PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, a greatly developed game. It shows just how much goes into a life of a YouTuber, and you should give it a try if you’re an aspiring creator.
  • PewDiePie is originally from Sweden but has lived in Italy with his girlfriend as well. In 2013 they decided to settle down in Brighton, England, because of a great Internet connection needed for his channel, as well as relative anonymity he can enjoy. He moved his studio a couple times since then, as neighbors complained.
  • He’s a big dog lover and has two dogs that are icons of his channel – Edgar and Maya. Maya actually has only one eye, which makes her very unique and cute.
  • PewDiePie calls his viewers “Bros”, and the whole fanbase “Bro Army”, giving them a “Brofist” at the end of his videos.
  • In order to accommodate female fans, he decided to change the name to Sisters as a joke, and the Brofist to Sisterfister, which was inappropriate, and as a result, he received comments he was a misogynist. In the end, he made a decision of calling his fans SquadFam in order to be gender-neutral.