Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin is a legendary English actor, writer, composer and a filmmaker. In a world of silent movies and no extravagant movie sets, he managed to reach immense success without saying a word! It’s not something that can easily be done, and his unique way of walking, dressing, and accessory-wearing truly made him a human being to be remembered for centuries. We’ll always remember his bowler hat and dense mustaches, but did you know Charles Chaplin was awarded an Oscar for Best Music in 1973 for Limelight (1952). And to clarify, the movie wasn’t released in London until 1972, hence the huge delay.

Charles Chaplin Details
Known As Charles Chaplin
Full Name Charles Spencer Chaplin
Nick Name Charlot, Charlie, The Little Tramp
Profession Writer, Actor, Filmmaker, Composer
Net Worth 1977 – $50 Million
Height 5′ 5″
Weight Unknown
Build Average
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Personal Details
Date of Birth April 16, 1889
Age 88 (Died in 1977)
Birth Place Walworth, London, England, UK
Sun Sign Aries
Nationality English
Religion Agnostic
Marital Status Divorced
Hometown Walworth
School Cuckoo Schools
College He did not attend college
Educational Qualification Elementary School
Best Friends Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Marlon Brando
  1. Mildred Harris (1918-1921)
  2. Lita Grey (1924-1927)
  3. Paulette Goddard (1936-1942)
  4. Oona Chaplin (1943-1977)
Social Media Profiles Facebook
Debut Making a Living (1914) as an Actor, Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914) as a Writer
Famous Role Roles in The Immigrant (1917), The Gold Rush (1925), The Great Dictator (1940)
Salary He got paid around $1,250 a week for The Tramp (1915)
Father Charles Chaplin, Sr.
Mother Hannah Chaplin
Siblings Sydney Chaplin, Wheeler Dryden
Wife/Spouse Mildred Harris (m.1918-d.1921), Lita Grey (m.1924-d.1927), Paulette Goddard (m.1936-d.1942), Oona Chaplin (m.1943-1977 (His Death))
Children Geraldine Chaplin, Victoria Chaplin, Michael Chaplin, Sydney Chaplin, Christopher Chaplin, Eugene Chaplin, Josephine Chaplin, Charles Chaplin Jr. Jane Chaplin
Other Details
Hobbies Acting, Composing, Comedy Skits,
Brand Endorsements Essanay Film Company
Likes and Dislikes
  • Favorite colors: Blue, Black
  • Food: Lamb Stew, Curry
  • Musician: Richard Wagner
  • Sport: Tennis
Distinctive Features
  • He’s remembered as Tramp with a toothbrush mustache, bamboo cane, and undersized bowler hat.
  • Facial expressions in a world of silent films
  • His movies were said to be filled with propaganda
  • Waddles while walking
Cars 1929 Pierce Arrow Convertible

Charles Chaplin’s career started very early, as early as 1914. Born in Walworth, England, 1889, he started off on a good note, having both of his parents as music hall performers. Charlie Chaplin was later a composer too, and we can clearly see where it all came from. He had a rough childhood and had to attend a school for children of destitute families called Cuckoo Schools. Charlie took part in both acting and writing in the late 1910s, despite being uncredited for most of them.

However, his parents separated, and his mother tried to resurrect her career on stage. But Hannah had a problem with her voice breaking at unpredicted moments. Therefore, it ruined the performance, which made people notice Charlie behind-the-scenes, and once led on stage when he was 5 years to sing for the audience. Even though people were excited, his mother had to be committed to a mental hospital, forcing Charles Chaplin to live in charity homes. He had his official career as an actor at the age of 8, and he went on a tour.

Charles Chaplin Young 1916
Young Charles Chaplin around 1916

But we can see the genius in the making when we look at it today, and all his effort is greatly appreciated post-mortem. Charles Chaplin wrote and starred in a lot of short movies like Mabel’s Married life and Mabel’s Busy Day, Mabel at the Wheel, The Knockout, Recreation and many more, all in 1914. The next years were very busy too, and Charlie did over ten movies, and the one most noticed was The Tramp (1915), which marked him as a character with a mustache, a cane and a hat we know today.

But his career wasn’t easy-going because people accused him of placing some of his liberal views in the movies as propaganda. He aided Russian struggle against Nazis in World War II, despite living in America, therefore causing trouble and questioning if he had communist ties. That later led to him being forbidden entry to the USA after he traveled for a premiere of Limelight in 1972, for which he won an Oscar later. Charles Chaplin had to move to Switzerland with his wife, and settle there. He stayed dedicated to the fans, so kindly take a look at him reading fan mail:

Charles Chaplin lived a long life and died on December 25, 1977, at his home in Switzerland. He, unfortunately, had a stroke, which was filed under natural causes as he was 88 at the time. Six of his movies have been selected for preservation in Natural Film Registry – The Immigrant, The Gold Rush, City Lights, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, all made between 1917 and 1940. Charles Chaplin’s movies are still popular to this day and watched throughout the world. He even has an official Facebook page active, and his character of The Little Tramp will forever be remembered as a sign of human spirit surviving in a world filled with chaos.

Charles Chaplin Facts

  • Despite earning around $50 million, he continued to live humbly, in a shabby hotel room, away from fame.
  • His wives were very young at the time he married them – Mildred Harris was 17 when he was 29, Lita Grey was 16 at the time of their wedding, and he was 35. In the same manner, his next wife, Paulette Goddard was 26, with him being 47, and his last wife Oona Chaplin was only 17 when he was 54.
  • Charlie Chaplin’s body was actually stolen from his grave in 1978, and it took three months for it to be found. It was later re-buried in a vault, then filled with cement to prevent this unfortunate circumstance from ever happening again.
  • There’s a funny story about him entering a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest, and him finishing third! Some other versions say he finished second.
  • His original bowler hat and a cane were sold for $150,000 at an auction back in 1987.
  • Charlie was bed-ridden with a serious illness as a kid. His mother would sit at the window and act out what was going out outside. That influenced him to become a comedian later on.